Conscious Discipline® in Phoenix


Diana Brown and Bernadette Herran are the

ONLY instructors certified by Dr. Becky Bailey in Conscious Discipline® in the state of Arizona! 


We are currently working with:


  • Isaac School District 
  • Phoenix Head Start 
  • Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community 
  • Desert Sun Preschool
  • Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool 
  • Paradise Valley Family Resource Center 
  • Arizona Center for After School Excellence 
  • ​Deer Valley School District
  • Paradise Valley Schools SUN Kids​
  • Future for Kids
  • City of Phoenix Head Start
  • Inspire Leadership Series
  • ​Northern Arizona Council of Governments Head Start
  • Pendergast School District
  • Tucson Unified School District
  • Roosevelt School District
  • Wilson School District
  • Cartwright School District
I would like to thank you for the Conscious Discipline training.  It has been  monumental in changing the way I communicate with my children.  It has changed the whole dynamic of our family.  I first attended the training solo and then applied it at home.  The example I lead via the training caught my husbands attention.  He has since attend the second session along side me.  This really has united us with our parenting styles and has helped improved our relationship.  It really has helped me to reflect within myself and grow more as a person, parent and mother.  We truly appreciate all you have taught us from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!!!--  
​-Amber Kusmit, Parent, Phoenix, AZ

"As a mother of a very rambunctious 5 year old, I was learning very quickly that the parenting skills I grew up with, namely, "do as I say, not as I do" were not going to be effective.  They would work, but at the cost of my relationship with my son.  Through my son, I was able to see first hand, the importance of disciplining the child's growth for the students in my classroom.  Bibi's trainings have been crucial for me to first, become aware of my reactions and replaced those reactions with an ability to respond appropriately to children's needs.  The Conscious Discipline trainings have been completely pivotal in my growth as a teacher, mother and  person in general!"

-Vanessa Bustamonte, Sutton Elementary

"My husband and I are grateful to Diana for providing a comprehensive and practical framework for parenting with consciousness. After 5 weeks we have honed the skills she shared with us and and feel more confident and competent when our 4 year old throws a tantrum or other tricky situations arise. Before her class I felt like I was winging it, only knowing what I wanted to avoid: damaging my relationship with my children. Now, I know I have the capability to keep our relationships healthy, while also trusting that discipline and love can exist together in a functioning family."

~Kelley Boyd, Parent, Scottsdale, AZ

"I've attended multiple workshops led by Diana and I have been SO happy with the results.  Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done.  Diana has given me the tools I need to be more confident and positive in handling the every day challenges we all face with our children.  And her workshops are fun!  Her sense of humor and honesty make it easy to open up and share your challenges with the room"

~Sue Pierce 

​"I have heard so much amazing feedback already. People LOVED the talk and we were thrilled with the success of a speaker during our class time. You exceeded my expectations and I know everyone walked away with so many good tips and insight into parenting. Your presentation was genuine, fresh and informative. On behalf of everyone at NCPG, we thank you! Chelsea Kunde, NCPG

"Diana Brown is the best! My staff saw her at a conference and begged me to have her come to train us onsite on SATURDAYS! She has not disappointed. We continue to be inspired from her. I cannot recommend her enough." 

-Jenny Lichtsinn, Director, Continental Preschool, Green Valley, AZ