40% of children are missing the #1 skill for success:   Self-regulation.  This 1 day workshop is designed to help adults and children to understand self-regulation and to introduce it by using a collection of Feeling Buddies. The Feeling Buddies portray our 4 primary emotions (happy, sad, angry and scared) and their cousins (frustrated, anxious, disappointed and calm).  Lessons provide practical implementation of the five steps to self-regulation.  Self-regulation is essential for social, emotional, academic and life success. This workshop is for teachers and parents of children ages 4 - 10.

Managing Emotional Mayhem

Research shows secure adult-child relationships are a prerequisite for healthy child development. Now your center can provide the necessary one-on-one connections without increasing staff burdens or staff numbers by using the revolutionary approach in Baby Doll Circle Time. The instructions and activities in the Baby Doll Circle Time curriculum show you how to:Improve relationships between caregivers and childrenReduce the stress of out-of-home care. Utilize attachment, attunement and social play to wire the brain for optimal development.Help children develop healthy blueprints for self-regulation, relationships and sense of self.

Connecting with Infants and Toddlers

​Systematically create a positive school climate, dramatically increase teaching time, foster academic success, eliminate bullying and decrease behavioral issues. School climate impacts all achievement! Creating the School Family: Bully-Proofing Classrooms Through Emotional Intelligence incorporates everything you need to successfully create and teach 12 classroom structures, integrating social-emotional well-being into your existing curriculum. This new title is essential for early childhood and elementary educators! Your journey to a problem-solving, caring, bully-free and academically successful classroom begins here!   This is a one day workshop and is designed for children ages 4 through 10. 

​Creating the School Family

Day 1 - Introduction of The Brain Smart Start and the principles of Composure, Encouragement and Assertiveness. Day 2 - The principles of Choices, Positive Intent, Empathy and Consequences. Join hundreds of thousands in discovering the secrets to a complete emotional intelligence and classroom management system for early childhood and elementary programs. Transform conflict into cooperation using the seven proven powers and skills of Conscious Discipline to help children perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions. Stop struggling and start finding joy in the classroom again. Perfect for Pre-K – 5th grade. This workshop can be offered in a two-day back-to-back format or divided by several weeks or months.

Conscious Discipline® 2 Day Workshop

We are happy to design a workshop to meet your needs. Workshops can be scheduled on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Please contact us for details!